I had a co-worker who told me that no matter what happens to keep the relationship. I think I am failing at that and I don’t know how to stop.  Click to read more…via Picking up

Picking up

There is this old country song, “Rose Colored Glasses,” lyrics…They show all the beauty, but they hide all the truth…” It’s about this man who continues to allow someone to treat him badly.  But, it’s the lyrics and the idea that “rose colored” is a myth against reality. But is it? I think that we could take off the black and white glasses in more situations. You know, decrease judgment and stigmas. Shades of pink. Wouldn’t that make for some better days?

via Rose Vision: An Introduction

Rose Vision: An Introduction

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I have a sister site that helped me grow this site. As much as I wanted to stick with the other site, I felt that it was exclusively for women due to the title that wasn’t even spelled right so I thought that would be problematic for SEO.

I learned something as I wrote on that site and as I build my business as a health coach and it was that I felt so much relief and freedom after I wrote something or sat down to do a creative process that was truly for the benefit of me. That small seed of creativity benefited my family as well because I was much cheerier.

I stopped. I stopped telling myself that I was too busy to write. I stopped saying it was a waste of time because my creative process is not a waste of time. I was surprised that I grew a reader audience and it was an audience that I wanted to reach. People like me, who felt deep pain and sorrow and sometimes don’t know what to do about it.

This pain comes from grief, bad self talk, dissatisfaction, rejection…etc. I work hard to not feel that way and this is one of my outlets.

I found that I kept insanely busy to avoid confronting myself and my pain. Now I want this site to help with that and call me on my own shit—and possibly yours, but in an honest and gentle way.  Good luck to me.

In the meantime, Petticoat is still running through April, but I will post new content here and export oldies, but goodies from that site to The Un-busy Life.

Categories will stay the same and the Un-busy Life was one of the categories and lucky me to find the domain available. Anyway, I hope to grow more readership because I feel better although I do struggle sometimes (even today).

Here’s to being creative and productive no matter what state you are in.